Moving into our motorhome full-time

September was all about saying goodbye to our house and moving into our motorhome full-time. We had been renting our house for almost five years. Downsizing all our stuff and leaving our home and a neighborhood that we loved so much wasn’t easy.

  • How long did it take? A month.

  • How did we do it? We sold some things worthwhile online, gave some to family, had our friends over to come take whatever they wanted, left some things outside on the sidewalk with FREE signs, then donated the rest.

  • How did it feel? Up and down. It feels odd to work so hard to earn money to buy all this stuff and then turn around and get rid of most of it. It also feels amazing to simplify your life and organize your stuff. I love knowing our stuff is getting a new life through some of the people we love the most.

  • Where did we go? Santa Fe Park RV Resort. They had a month long availability and were close enough that the back and forth wasn’t too tiring.

  • How did our two cats adjust? Moving can be hard on animals. Nacho’s personality changed when we moved into our house together so we were concerned about his move into the RV. We didn’t move the cats until we were settled in the motorhome but before we started having people over to house since Nacho doesn’t like strangers. Both cats were nervous at first but they warmed up fast. Now that we have successfully moved them I wonder how they will react the first time we fire up the diesel engine.

Once we were full-time in our motorhome and enjoying our life at Santa Fe RV Park I knew we made the right choice. September was still warm enough to have a few days to enjoy the pool!