Tow car or no tow car?

AKA the "toad"

So we haven't decided if we want to have a tow car or not, so we may just try the first few months on the road without one and then see how it goes.

If we do get a tow car, we like the idea of dinghy towing, or flat towing, which is essentially where you pull a car behind your RV on its own four wheels.   The Class A RVs we are looking at all have hitch receivers already and as an added bonus, many of the used Class A motorhomes we've been looking at, the previous owner already purchased and installed a tow bar kit such as the ones from  So you only need to get the proper baseplate for your tow vehicle, wiring to for the turn signals, brake lights, etc and a brake system to push on the tow vehicle brakes when you brake in the RV.

This 2018 guide seems very handy in telling you which vehicles are towable in this fashion, how to prep, safety, etc.

For a tow car, we'll probably just get something small, 5-7 years old, and inexpensive.  It'll probably have to be a manual transmission though which I'm good with but Jeri is not!! Our existing cars we mainly use for commuting to work here in San Diego are not suitable for flat towing. One is a electric car lease that Chris hopes to transfer for the remaining months and Jeri’s car we will just be selling.