Traveling in an RV. Volume 1

I was really nervous about driving the RV. I had only driven one during a family vacation a few years ago but I didn't have to drive that much. This was going to be different. We were on our way to my first Burning Man so there was a lot more miles to cover and only the two of us to share the driving.

We rented a 1996 26' Coachman Freelander 2600. As soon as I sat down I felt surprisingly comfortable. Growing up my parents always had Ford trucks and this felt just like one of those only bigger!!

The drive to Burning Man and back to San Diego went great. It only took me a little while to get comfortable. Changing lanes is still a little unnerving but I just put on my blinker, check my mirrors and then slowly start my lane change. Really looking forward to an RV that has side cameras. My driving at night skills needs some practice!

This 1996 RV had some issues while at Burning Man but in the end it was a great RV for my first Burning Man.