Staying at an Airstream Motel

For fun, we drove a couple hours outside of San Diego for an overnight in Landers, CA near Joshua Tree at Kate's Lazy Desert Airstream Motel.  If you've never heard of this place, it's a private lot in the high desert with a collection of vintage Airstreams they rent out on sites like Airbnb for around $200/night.  Kate stands for Kate Pierson, lead singer of the B-52s which I love so the place has a bit of backstory you can read all about on the site linked above.  I will admit, it's a bit expensive for what you get, but it was still enjoyable.  It's very quiet, great visibility of the stars and meteors at night, and extra special for the Airstream enthusiast.  Each one is uniquely designed in a vibrant retro style and are permanently installed with full hookups, a neat little picnic area with a table and folding seats outside the front door including a charcoal BBQ, and there is a shared above ground pool that we did not use but I'm sure would be awesome in the hottest part of the summer.  Perfect place to take about a half dozen friends or couples and do a take over (hint hint CPers!!)

We chose the Orange Stripe - Planet Air Airstream for obvious reasons if you know Jeri (if you do not and haven't picked up from our pictures, well it's because she is obsessive about the color orange).  It was also one of the larger Airstream trailers so we could get a feel for how roomy they are and how much you can store in them (at the time, we were seriously considering an Airstream for our upcoming full time RV adventures).  

We brought our own food to cook up including amazing tuna steaks our friend (thanks John!) gave us from a recent fishing trip and bbq that along with steak, corn, and eggplant to go with.  It got pretty cool later that night so we busted out our playa coats and made a fire in the big fire pit in the center of the motel.  The Airstream was also plenty warm with tons of blankets on the bed and an extra space heater we ran.

The next day after checking out we went to the Integratron for a sound bath which was also a cool experience and a great way to end the trip.

The gallery below has some of the pictures we took.