Kitties first road trip!

My cousin was getting married in Las Vegas so we decided to take the cats on their first road trip. We stayed at the RV park at Main Street Station Casino and we would highly recommend it.

The rates at Main Street Station Casino RV park were great. Only $24 per day and you are in downtown Las Vegas. I couldn’t find a way to book online so I had to call. It’s only a parking lot but it has full hookups and pull through spots right near a casino. What more could you need?

We were walking distance to Fremont Street Experience and we found some great specials. 99 cent shrimp cocktails at Lanai Express in the Fremont Hotel & Casino and great cocktails and appetizers at Redwood Steakhouse in the California Hotel & Casino. We highly recommend the chips, house made potato chips with maui onion and big island bbq dip…. yum! The Market Street Cafe in the California Hotel & Casino also had a great prime rib dinner for $9.99 and this casino still has actual coin slots. There are only a few but that sound brought me back to some great times in Las Vegas.

My uncle works at the Hoover Dam and he gave us a great tour. Both of us left with such an appreciation for this engineering modern marvel built during the great depression and almost 90 years ago. I would highly recommend taking a tour of the Hoover Dam. If you are thinking a Hoover Dam tour would not be interesting I would say if you like history, engineering, machinery or if you appreciate things larger than yourself then do it. If you look closely in the last picture you will see our two heads in the side of the Hoover Dam.

You might be asking what about the picture of the burning car? And I would say “OMG that car is on fire!!!!!” I was always told cars don’t catch on fire like they do in the movies so you might imagine how my heart raced as I AM DRIVING to Las Vegas and a cop does a U turn through the median right in front of me towards black smoke. Thank goodness everyone in the car got out safely!

So how did the cats do? This was a LONG road trip. Over 7+ hours each way. It was tough on them but they did good. Both Nacho and Tinkerbell have hidy-holes and they run to them as soon as we start the engine. Tinkerbell stayed in hers the whole time and even looked like she took a nap at one point. Nacho came out for some TLC so I built him a fort and gave him lots of love. Lessons learned: 100 - 150 miles per day is a good fit for everyone (humans and cats).