Dockweiler RV Park, LA County

Dockweiler RV Park is right on the beach!!! but it is also near the LAX flight path. The easy access to the beach is a MAJOR plus but the plane noise could bother some people. I already sleep with ear plugs and a sound machine so the planes didn’t bother me even though I could still hear them and besides the location was worth it!

From November through mid March they build a sand barrier which obstructs the ocean view but we didn’t care. It is still a beautiful view. Nothing like eating your breakfast outside and staring at the sunny blue sky in February.

We enjoyed our short walk along the bike path but this is not just any bike path. This is the 22 mile Marvin Braude Bike Trail, aka The Strand. It begins at Will Rogers State Beach near Pacific Palisades and travels south to Torrance Beach. We didn’t want to walk too far as we wanted to get back for sunset. We are very grateful for the amazing weather we had. I enjoyed sitting on the top of the sand barrier and watching planes take off from LAX. One evening on our way home from Costco we passed LAX and both of us were amazed by how many planes were lined up in the sky waiting to land.