High 20s overnight, no hookups, no slides

We only wanted to drive around 100 - 200 miles a day when possible and we were monitoring the Grand Canyon weather as we wanted to avoid arriving during a snow or heavy rain storm. This meant we needed to take a few days to get to the Grand Canyon but how many days changed as the weather changed.

Nightly rates at campgrounds and RV parks can add up quickly and we are on a budget. One of the ways we plan to stay on budget is through memberships such as Harvest Hosts. You pay a yearly membership fee and then you can stay overnight for free at wineries, farms and attractions. No hookups are provided so you have to be self-contained. That is no issue for us as we have everything we need and Burning Man has taught us how to conserve resources.

Our first stop was Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner. The drive was quick and easy which was a very nice change compared to our drive on Thursday. This place has a huge parking lot so they can accommodate a lot of RVers. The diner was packed. We couldn’t believe how many people were there but the service was still quick. We recommend the apple pie a la mode… yum.

There was a wind advisory so we kept the slides in so the new slide-out toppers didn’t get ruined. No slides meant things were a little cozy for the night but that’s a good thing because temperatures dropped into the high 20s during the night.

High 20s overnight, no hookups, no slides, no problem. Don’t get me wrong, it was chilly in the motorhome but thanks to our heated mattress pad us and the kitties were toasty all night. We ran the heat before we went to bed and we did not need to run it again until we woke up. Mainly because we have a Sunbeam therapeutic heated mattress pad and absolutely love it because it has six heating zones and draws very little power. The house batteries needed a charge by the morning because we also have a residential fridge using energy constantly, and knowing we were hitting the road early, running the heated mattress pad all night instead of the propane furnace was a better option for us. We will need to save our propane for the cold nights coming up at Grand Canyon.

Weather report said winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts over 40 mph.

Click  here  to learn more about Harvest Hosts

Click here to learn more about Harvest Hosts