Next stop! A winery

Our next stop was Stetson Winery. We arrived during the week when the winery was closed but Don was nice enough to give us a personal tasting. Living near Temecula and going to college near Paso Robles, I have done a lot of tastings, but Stetson Winery had some great wines. Even wines, such as the Merlot, that I might normally pass on since Merlot is not my favorite, I enjoyed!

Don was a great person to chat with. He was very personable. He mentioned how the winery gives him a chance to meet people from all over. Its like going on a vacation for him.

Penguin and I both loved their 2016 Zinfandel. The label reads “This beautiful Arizona Zinfandel is the first wine made entirely of fruit from our own estate vineyards and is an incredible expression of the unique Arizona terroir we proudly call home.” We also loved their 2016 Red Table Wine. The label states “This red is a little sweet and a little sassy, but full of ripe berry flavors. Like a blossom in the desert, surprising and lovely.” We absolutely agree!

Thank you to our incredible friends for our gift cards. We were able to splurge a little and support an awesome small business. We are very grateful.

Capturing how quite it was out at Stetson Winery the day we arrived. I promise you the sound is on.

Tinkerbell walking in her harness

I stopped the recording a few seconds too soon as she was doing her roll