Wow! The Grand Canyon

We were so excited to finally see the Grand Canyon. We decided to visit the points along the orange bus route first… yes the ORANGE route :)

We started at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. We watched the free Grand Canyon movie and we both really enjoyed it. We learned things we didn’t expect such as humans had been living near the Grand Canyon for 10,000 years and every year the Colorado River makes the Grand Canyon deeper by the depth of a sheet of paper. Over a very very very long time (6,000,000 years!) plus erosion the Grand Canyon was formed. We were also surprised that early explorers thought it was valueless. Lt. Joseph Ives declared the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area as "altogether valueless."

We rode the bus to Mather Point and when we took our first look at the Grand Canyon we thought our eyes were playing tricks on us. It didn’t look real. It truly is something that must be experienced! We continued the day along all the points on the orange bus route. It was an amazing experience.

Yes I know my video skills need work