Day 2 - Hiking Rim Trail

Day two at the Grand Canyon and we woke up to a few inches of snow! We spent the morning appreciating the blue skies and all of the fresh snow. I enjoyed watching a Bobcat push the snow around to clear the campground. I thought that looks fun, maybe someday I can drive a Bobcat :)

Penguin made us a tasty breakfast of hash browns and shakshouka while we enjoyed a relaxing morning. We wanted to give the sun some time to melt some of the snow before we started our hike along Rim Trail.

We got on the bus headed to Bright Angel Lodge and while the bus was stopped at the Train Depot the bus driver told us that the steam locomotive was going to be pulling in. We jumped off the bus to watch The Train pull in. The horn sounded awesome. It was pretty amazing to watch when it went by us. Later as we hiked up to Trailview Overlook we could look back across the Grand Canyon towards the Train Depot and see the steam from the train over the treeline. I thought that was really cool.

After hiking to Trailview Overlook and getting some great pictures we turned around and headed back towards Bright Angel Lodge. We found a little spot and enjoyed our picnic lunch. We had a great ale brewed with coffee beans (Koffee Kölsch from Huss Brewing Co) that we picked up at the general store that morning. They had a whole fridge of craft beer since it was Arizona Beer week and it was really nice that you could buy individual cans vs an entire six pack.

After lunch we walked along Rim Trail towards the Yavapai Point and Geology Museum. We saw more wildlife up close, took more pictures, and enjoyed an Amber Ale from Barrio Brewing Company. Late in the afternoon, snow started to fall so we got on the bus and headed back to the RV.

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