Meeting up with family at Santa Fe & Glorieta, NM

After our extended stay in Albuquerque, we made a short trip up north to Santa Fe to meet some of my family who drove out from Texas. One of my cousins is executive director at Glorieta Adventure Camps and graciously hosted us all. They have RV spots and it’s the off season so we basically had the area all to ourselves which was a nice change. We definitely had an array of weather while we were there - it was sunny and dry when we got there, but it rained & snowed probably six inches by mid week, and then the last few days it was sunny and mostly thawed out thankfully. We had to traverse a dirt road to get in and out of the RV area and it became more like a mud road for awhile. Not great for the low profile Fiat! We had to ask for 4WD rides from my family a couple times in order to go out. Jeri still had to climb on the roof the last day and remove the last of the snow so we could have a smooth departure on the final day.

We stayed a little over a week and during the trip we walked around the shops downtown, tried some homemade chocolate & local street food, an amazing wine tasting of some New Mexico wine (DH Lescombes), went hiking in the hills behind the camp, skiing & snowboard at Ski Santa Fe two days, and also visited Meow Wolf which was very similar to the City Museum we visited last year in St Louis. I’ll just use the description right off their website for lack of better words: “Meow Wolf is comprised of over 300 employees creating and supporting art across a variety of media, including architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, video production, cross-reality (AR/VR/MR), music, audio engineering, narrative writing, costuming, performance, and more! “ See photos below to get a better idea, but it’s very cool and unique. We also learned watching the trailer for this documentary that George R.R. Martin put up the money to get this place started and it took about ten years to become reality. Sounds like an interesting backstory we’ll have to watch sometime. I took a few pictures of some of it below but it doesn’t do it justice.


Was it worth it?

Meow Wolf tickets are $30/ea and it takes a solid two hours to take it all in. So it’s expensive, but worth it for the unique and well executed experience.