Hello New Mexico & Tinkerbell experiences snow!

With all the snow in Arizona we decided to continue on our journey and head to Albuquerque, New Mexico. There was a winter storm warning in New Mexico too but Albuquerque was forecasted to only get a few inches of snow.

We got settled at the RV park in Albuquerque, but there were high wind gusts so we brought in the passenger slides. We didn’t want to worry about the slide toppers getting damaged, plus they flap in heavy wind and the sound is annoying. At one point we couldn’t find Tinkerbell. She had found something new. She figured out how to jump from the passenger chair to the top of the slide (which was now retracted inside the motorhome). Crazy cat!

How fast can the weather change in Albuquerque? Fast! Which is something I did not expect. When we arrived there was no snow, but by morning a few inches blanketed everything outside. I was amazed how fast the snow came and went because by the afternoon all the snow on the roads had melted.

Two days later we went to watch a movie (only $5/person at the AMC before 4 pm!), and by the time we came out from the movie it was snowing and continued to snow hard on our drive home.

The next morning we decided it was warm enough and there was still fresh snow that Tinkerbell might enjoy. We put her harness on and took her outside for her first snow experience. How did she like it? You can see in the video below.