Another Beautiful Waterfall -- Natural Falls State Park, OK

After Eureka Springs we headed to Oklahoma, state #11. We were nearing the Arkansas and Oklahoma border so I had my phone out ready to take a picture, but there was no “Welcome to Oklahoma” sign. Instead there was a Cherokee Nation Casino. I guess we are in Oklahoma now :)

We got to Natural Falls State Park and backed in our spot. Wow! Another beautiful state park, and this park was not crowded either. Granted we stayed Sunday through Wednesday, but it is summer and I can't believe this great state park wasn't fully booked.

Not too long after we got settled I heard an ice cream truck. For a second I told myself that I didn't need an ice cream, but then Penguin looked at me surprised. Who was I kidding, yes I did! I love those Ninja Turtle, Tweety Bird, or Pink Panther ice creams. They have been my favorite since I was a kid, and are always a special treat since I have only found them from an ice cream truck.

There was a light rain on and off but we weren't going to let that stop us from our hike. We grabbed our rain coats and headed out. Our first hike was down to the Dripping Springs waterfall. This was a quicker and easier hike (10 mins) compared to the Petit Jean State Park hike to Cedar Falls. There was also a paved trail through the park which is nice when you don't feel like doing hike through the woods. Overall the trails were simple but good. Nothing was too technical and most were short about 1.5 mile max. There were a few times where we lost the trail but we always ended up finding it again.

One day we had to run errands so we took a quick trip back to Siloam Springs, Arkansas. After getting our errands done we headed to downtown Siloam Springs for a quick walk around. The downtown was super cute. There was a very nice park called Twin Springs Park that had the cleanest bathrooms I had every seen. Something I appreciate even more now that we are on the road :) While walking through the park we found a plaque for a time capsule. It was placed on July 4th, 1976 and will be opened on July 4, 2076. This is so cool! What a fun idea. What things from 1976 do you think they put in that time capsule?