Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO

Stop two in Colorado took us back to Colorado Springs and another Passport America park, Foot Of The Rockies RV Resort. This RV park up on a hill was close to Garden of the Gods and our spot had a great view to watch the sunset, storm clouds move through and it overlooked Colorado Springs. The clouds were beautiful and watching them light up from the lightning was awesome.

I definitely recommend a visit to the Garden of the Gods. It is FREE! Both parking and visiting the park is free thanks to Charles Elliott Perkins. The story of Garden of the Gods began in 1879, when the founder of Colorado Springs convinced his friend Perkins to purchase the land. Perkins eventually bought a total of 480 acres surrounding the Gateway Rocks. He lived in Iowa and never built on this land, but he allowed the public to enjoy it. Perkins wished for the land to become a public park, but he died before this could happen. His children fulfilled this wish and offered the land to the City of Colorado Springs. In 1909 the City Council accepted the land with a few restrictions including that the park must remain free and open to the public. In 1972 it became a National Natural Landmark.

These huge red rocks are beautiful and hiking through the park is great. Some of the trails had a lot of horse poop and pee which was a little annoying at times to navigate where the trails were narrow and busy, but I think it is cool that horseback riding is an option. Another great thing about Garden of the Gods is if you don't want to hike or walk through the park you can also drive your car and see most of the main features.

Lightning in Colorado Springs (no sound)