Leg Two - Updated Route with Comments

First half of leg two was from New Orleans, LA to Memphis, TN. This is our best guess as we decided last minute to head to Tims Ford State Park before our Jack Daniels Distillery tour. We took a different route after Huntsville, but we do not recall the exact route.

  • Some of the addresses are a little off from where we actually stayed as we do not want to give away our Boondockers Welcome hosts, but the roads we took are still accurate

Second half of leg two was from Memphis, TN to Independence, KS.

  • Arkansas Highway 23: Morrilton, AR through the Ozarks to Eureka Springs, AR:

    • Road was steep and curvy, doable but a little stressful at times

    • We had to drive slow and look for turnouts to let people pass

    • We almost hit a baby deer and a fallen tree (two different incidents) but since we were driving slow and there was no on coming traffic we were able to drive around them

    • Overall: Penguin would drive this route again

  • Cheap Diesel

    • Walmart Fuel Station, 808 W Walnut St, Rogers, AR 72756

    • The cheapest diesel we have found during our entire trip! ($2.42/ga)

    • Diesel pumps were on the end, fairly easy to get to even though this is not a truck stop sized gas station

    • We got gas around 1 pm on a Sunday and only had to wait a few minutes for the cars to clear so we could pull in our 37’ Class A Motorhome and tow car

  • Cherokee Turnpike: US-412 toll road

    • Free option is US-412 Alternate

    • We had to pay $6.25 since we have four axles (Motorhome has two plus tow dolly and Fiat rear wheels)

    • Overall: The Cherokee Turnpike was really smooth and a nice drive but we have never driven the US-412 Alternate route so we don’t know if it was worth the $6.25

      • Have you driven the US-412 Alternate route instead of taking the Cherokee Turnpike? What was your experience?

First half of leg two

First half of leg two

Second half of leg two

Second half of leg two