Leg Three - Updated Route with Comments

Leg three is taking us from Independence, Kansas through Colorado. Our route has varied a few times from the Google Maps recommendation. Actual routes below.

Part One - Independence, KS to Elizabeth, CO can be found here

Route Comments:

  • Costco in Wichita, Kansas (9700 E Kellogg Ave) was an easy in and out with our motorhome and tow car

  • We were surprised and disappointed by the road conditions on I-70 through Colorado

    • Our motorhome was rattling a lot

  • US-24 was a little better but still rough in some parts

  • We try to stay on highways, when we can, which is why we took US-24 to E Woodmen Rd to CO-21

    • E Woodmen Rd was a nice two lane each way road

    • This route was similar in miles to the route suggested by Google Maps but seemed like more highway to Jeri (she was making this decision on the fly)

  • Bass Pro Shops in Colorado Springs, CO is a great one night boondocking spot when passing through Colorado

Part Two - Elizabeth, CO to Fruita, CO can be found here

Route Comments:

  • Cabela's in Thornton, CO is a great one night boondocking spot when passing through Colorado

    • We stayed there on Friday night to avoid driving around Denver and US 285 during Friday traffic

  • We drove US 285 on Saturday morning and had no issues

    • We left Thornton, CO around 8:45 am on Saturday on our way to Gunnison, CO

    • No traffic and no issues with longs lines of cars getting stuck behind us

    • Drive was relatively easy but I could see how it would be more difficult during traffic so I am glad we didn’t drive on Friday

  • FREE dump and potable water at Montrose County Fair/Montrose Event Center off highway US-50 in Montrose, CO

    • Open to the public during the spring, summer and early fall

    • Large, very easy in and out

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Part One

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