Visiting Meteor Crater

We were finally out of the winter storm and had beautiful blue skies ahead of us! On our way to the Petrified Forest we decided to stop at Meteor Crater.

Meteor Crater is “the world's best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth.” I was surprised that they had the largest fragment out on display where we were encouraged to touch it and make a wish. We did!

Due to weather we weren’t able to take the guided rim tour. I was disappointed and frustrated. We just paid $18 a ticket and we couldn’t take the rim tour? The three lookout points were still open so we headed outside. BAM! Very cold and strong winds hit us. Now I understood and I was actually grateful they had cancelled the rim tour. The tour would have been miserable in that weather.

We headed up the stairs to the highest lookout point. That lookout point had a great view but it was very windy. I almost dropped my phone multiple times trying to take pictures and video. We headed back down the stairs to check out the other lookout points.

Was it worth $36?

I was more impressed with Meteor Crater than I thought I was going to be. At first I was hesitant due to the $18 ticket price but overall it was worth it. Yes it is another big hole but it’s definitely unique. The fact that it was formed "approximately 50,000 years ago with the energy of more than 20 million tons of TNT," that the crater is privately owned by the Barringer family, and that family's story fascinated me.

Penguin felt that Meteor Crater was bigger and more impressive than he anticipated (it helps not to look at any pictures ahead of time that might spoil it), but frankly it was overshadowed by seeing the Grand Canyon just days before. His advice would be to visit Meteor Crater first if you can see both back-to-back.

Was it worth it?

Sorry this video is so jumpy. The winds were so strong that I was struggling to take this video